Bate Chubb and Associates Inc. was born from the long and well established attorneys firm, Bate Chubb and Dickson Inc. (Est. 1905) so as to fill a specific need which was identified in the market for cost effective, efficient and professional debt recovery and motor/non-motor insurance recoveries, avoiding wherever possible the lengthy, expensive and complicated litigation process.

We invite prospective clients to establish contact with our offices so as to discuss in greater detail the services which we are able to offer, our flexible fees and our tailored reporting structures.


Bate Chubb & Dickson Inc. was founded in 1905 and the impressive reputation that it has built over the years stems from its continued commitment to excellence. The firm enjoys a balanced client base ranging from individuals to leading national and multi-national corporations. The Directors of the firm, all of whom have their roots in the Eastern Cape, take great pride in the quality of client care provided by the practice.

The firms strengths lie in its: accessibility; prompt and efficient service; modern and proactive approach; continued use of advanced equipment and technology and maintenance of the highest ethical standards.

Bate Chubb and Associates Inc. was established as an independent enterprise specialising in debt and insurance recoveries, operating in association with Bate Chubb and Dickson Inc.

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